Our COVID-19 Response

Siloé Ministries Coronavirus

Like the rest of the world, COVID-19 is impacting our community. Many families are being affected financially, schools in Mexico have closed through at least April 30, and businesses are struggling. Our region relies heavily on tourism and construction, both of which have completely stopped during this pandemic. ⁣

Although there are no confirmed coronavirus cases among our patients currently, we suspect that is largely due to the scarcity of tests in Baja and difficulty accessing testing facilities.

At Siloé we are taking many precautions, and our clinic has suspended all non-essential activities. We have switched to telephone medical consults for nearly all patients as we seek to limit in-person contact to protect both our patients and staff. Our main focus currently is providing essential medication to our patients, protecting at-risk members of our population, and supporting families in need. Our incredible team is working hard to provide these essential services. ⁣

Like all of you, we are praying for a swift resolution of this global crisis! We look forward to resuming our full range of care as soon as it is prudent.