Helping Our Community During the COVID-19 Crisis

Siloé Ministries Coronavirus, Fundraising, Outreach

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing hardship across the globe, and the economic challenges are likely to continue for many months to come. Our region of Baja is heavily dependent on tourism and U.S. investment, and many of our patients work at hotels and restaurants or provide cleaning services to expatriate Americans and retirees. With nearly all of those jobs having disappeared in the past several weeks, many families find themselves suddenly without income. In addition, Baja has implemented a restrictive lock down similar to many other countries. Schools and businesses are closed and most people are required to remain in their homes through at least May 17. Unlike in the U.S. and Europe, few, if any, will receive a government stimulus check. Going hungry has become a very real prospect for many.

Siloé is inviting our supporters to help meet some of these immediate needs. While we will continue to focus on providing telemedicine consults, medication, and public health information to our community, Siloé is also seeking to help those who are suffering economically during the Coronavirus pandemic through our family fund. 100% of all donations received to the family fund will be allocated toward the following:

  • Food distribution to needy families in partnership with our church (Rancho Libertad) and a local food bank.
  • Grocery vouchers for patients who have lost their jobs
  • Other material assistance in partnership with local government and nonprofits

How can you help?

If you feel inclined to make sure that members of our community are able to weather this crisis, we invite you to make a donation to our family fund! There are two ways to do that:

  • Donate online to the family fund.
  • Text “GIVE” to (844) 940-2840

Once again, 100% of your donation will go directly toward families in need. Siloé will not reserve any funds for administrative purposes.

Thank you for partnering with Siloé during this difficult time. We know that God will guide us through this storm together.