Mexico Enters “Phase 3” of Coronavirus Pandemic

Siloé Ministries Coronavirus

Mexico announced on Tuesday that it has entered “Phase 3” of  the COVID-19 pandemic. Although this does not change significantly the restrictions already in place, it does indicate that the virus is now widespread and rapidly transmitting across the country. Mexico is expected to reach its peak infection levels during the next two weeks. The greatest concern is for the healthcare system that is already under stress.

Documented COVID-19 cases in Mexico have now surpassed 10,000, with deaths nationwide nearing 1,000. Mexico has one of the fastest growing coronavirus outbreaks in Latin America.

Our region of Baja California continues to be one of the hardest hit areas in Mexico, with the nation’s second most recorded deaths (118) as of April 22. The border cities of Tijuana and Mexicali are particularly struggling.

What does it mean for our ministry and community?

The new phase of the pandemic does not change our approach at Siloé, as we have been taking preventative precautions for several weeks. Our team is focused on delivering care to our community in the following ways:

  • Telephone consults with our patients to limit in-person interaction (we’ll soon be adding a video telemedicine option as well!)
  • Phone-based marriage and family counseling sessions
  • Medication refills and prescriptions provided to regular patients to ensure uninterrupted care
  • Mental health and wellness checks conducted over the phone every day; prayer with and for our patients
  • Providing free groceries and produce to our neediest patients every week, thanks to a partnership with our local church (you can support that program here). We are expanding this program to meet the growing economic challenges in our community

At this time, we expect to continue with these methods of care through the end of May, since Mexico’s social distancing restrictions have been extended through May 30. We are hopeful that we will be able to begin resuming normal onsite patient care in early June.

Please pray with us that Mexico would be spared the worst of the coronavirus and that our community and patients will soon emerge from this crisis so that we can begin welcoming them once again to the Wellness Center!