Medical & Dental Missions Policies

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Siloé Ministries! We are grateful that you are willing to offer your skills and professional knowledge to help needy families in our community and surrounding areas.

Please note that we receive frequent volunteer requests from medical teams, missions groups, and practitioners. We accept groups based on our clinic’s current needs and are not able to place all volunteers.

Please read the following information carefully prior to making your travel plans to volunteer with us.


In order to comply with Mexican laws and regulations, visiting medical/dental practitioners must provide us with the following documents:

  • Copy of passport (bring with you to Siloé)
  • Copy of valid medical license or credentials (provide PRIOR to your visit)

We are required to keep copies of these documents on file in case the department of health inspects our facility. As a practitioner in Mexico, you will work under our Mexican dentist’s and doctor’s professional licenses.

Additionally we require the following of all first-time volunteer practitioners:

  • Two references/letters of recommendation (provide PRIOR to your visit)

Required documents may be uploaded to the volunteer practitioner application.

Funding Your Visit

We have been greatly blessed by the growing number of medical and dental practitioners that serve with Siloé. This has allowed us to open our doors to communities beyond La Mision and offer specialty consults and treatments that are very valuable to our patients.

However, hosting more medical missions teams means that our community clinic is incurring greater costs to handle the additional patient load and follow-up care that is required.

In order to continue providing free and very low-cost medical care to the thousands of patients who come through our doors every year, we ask that volunteer practitioners and missions teams make a daily contribution to our ministry during their time of service.

While we know that you are already making a sacrifice to travel to Baja to serve with us, without regular financial contribution from our medical and dental partners we could be forced to limit our patient growth, charge our patients for care, and curtail the number of visitors that we can host.

Depending on the size of your group, these are the suggested daily contributions for visiting volunteers (U.S. Dollars):

  • 1 volunteer: $100 per day of service at Siloé
  • Group of 2-4 volunteers: $150 per day of service at Siloé
  • Group of 5+ volunteers: $200 per day of service at Siloé

If you plan to volunteer with us for an extended time, we would work with you to determine an appropriate one-time donation.

If these suggested amounts pose a financial hardship, please contact us so we can work out a solution for your visit.

Daily contributions cover the following costs incurred during and after your service trip:

  • Our Mexican nurse’s daily salary and taxi fare to clinic
  • Wages for Mexican support staff
  • Facilities maintenance costs
  • Administrative costs associated with adding new patients
  • Patient follow-up (labs, visits to in-country specialists, surgery, etc.)

You are welcome to make your contribution before your visit online, or via cash or check when you arrive.

We greatly appreciate your financial partnership, which allows us to add more patients and services while still providing high-caliber care at virtually no cost. Your contribution will be 100% tax deductible, and you will receive a tax receipt.

Our Faith

While we are a Christian organization, we do not require short-term medical/dental volunteers to share our faith. We welcome any professionals that desire to use their talents and skills to serve the families of La Mision and Northern Baja. However, our faith is integral to everything we do, and visitors would need to be comfortable with the fact that we openly express our Christian beliefs through prayer and sharing with patients and staff.

Complete the Application

Please complete the brief volunteer practitioner application so that we can get to know you better and pre-qualify you to serve in our community medical and dental clinic. We are truly grateful for your desire to partner with us in reaching the underprivileged families in our region with high quality medical and dental care!

Fill out the application